18 New Members

$1,900 USD Raised

(UPDATE: Huge Thanks to Benchmark365 and Wise-Sync for helping boost the numbers!)

We want to make Christmas a little bit brighter for some kids this year.

And, to do it – we need your help 🙂

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of figuring out cool ways to “support a good cause” in my businesses.

In my MSP, we did a few things, like let our team spend 1% of their time (paid) supporting the charity or cause of their choice as well as sending chickens through UNICEF to disadvantaged families in South Africa when our clients completed CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys.

So, we’re having a Charity Driven Member Drive.

The way our Charity Driven Member Drive works is that for every person that joins our Tech Tribe here, we’ll donate their first months membership to the Hands Across the Water charity.

This helps us grow our business (hey, we’re not hiding that this helps us).

While at the same time, helping disadvantaged and orphaned kids get a better chance in the world!

What We’ll Donate

For everyone that joins us from now until 11:59pm AEDT on December the 15th (2017), we’ll donate $50 (USD) to Hands Across the Water.

  • If we get 10 new members, we’ll donate $500 🙂
  • If we get 20 new members, we’ll donate $1,000 😀
  • If we get 50 new members, we’ll donate $2,500 😎
  • If we get 100 new members, we’ll donate $5,000 😆

We’ll keep a running tally (updated each business day) up the top of this page and as a banner on this page.

(Our monthly membership fee is $49, however we’ll round up to $50 for everyone just because it’ll help with my OCD 😉 )

Why Hands Across The Water?

There’s so many awesome and amazing charities out there, that’s hard to pick just one.

The things we like about Hands Across the Water are that they’re:

  • Non Denominational – they give the children the change to grow according to their beliefs and traditions.
  • 100% Goes to the Kids – no donors’ money goes to administration in Australia. Or staff costs. Or marketing. Or fundraising.
  • Supporting Kids – I have my own 2 daughters (aged 4 and 2) and I’m so ridiculously grateful for the opportunities they have – but so saddened at the same time for other kids around the world that don’t have the same opportunities and family structures that my two kids have. So, I have a HUGE soft spot for these kids!

How Can You Help?

If you run or own an MSP or IT Support Business – come and join us here before 11:59pm AEDT on December the 15th (2017) and we’ll donate your first months membership.

If you know any MSP or IT Support Business owners or managers – send them to www.thetechtribe.com before 11:59pm AEDT on December the 15th (2017).

Thank you – your help is really, really, really appreciated 🙂

We really want to impact as many of those little kids lives as we can – and help give them a Christmas to remember!

Nigel “Every Bit Counts” Moore