“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world” – Archimedes

I love the above quote from Archimedes…

It reminds me of one my favorite coaching calls with a guy who had been procrastinating for MONTHS over what Ticketing System to use.

In a 15 minutes call, we had his decision made and a plan of action for him to get started.

Now… That call might have COST him less than a hundred buckeroos on the surface, but it SAVED him months of inaction and thousands in lost revenue while he was stuck in the weeds of feature comparisons and marketing videos. 

Just like Archimedes above, we swung a big door (ending months of lost momentum) with a little hinge (a call for less than a hundred bucks and 15 minutes).

In my 15 years in the MSP and IT Support world, chances are I’ve had the challenges you currently have. And I’ve probably failed miserably trying to overcome them. But, chances are, that I finally figured out a successful way through (or around).

So, if you’d like to jump on a call with me to pick my brain, learn from my mistakes and have me help you through a challenge, then click the button below and let’s schedule something in.